Sunday Sessions – Summer 2019

Join me this Summer for Chapter 1 of Yoga, Tea, Peace, where we will awaken our senses by joining movement with stillness, creating a feeling of calm within. We will join Yoga, Movement, Pranayama, Meditation & Tea, on the second Sunday of each month, through June – August 2019, held in a Beautiful space (pictured) in my home town of Leigh-on-sea, Essex.

Each session will begin with a 75 minute Yoga class, gently inviting in movement and connecting to our breath, before flowing through a vinyasa flow sequence, finding new space within our bodies (the class will be catered for all levels, whether you have a new or established practise)… Upon arriving back into the space after a deep Savasana we will enter into our Tea Ritual/Meditation, where we will enjoy an organic herbal blend, connecting us to nature & bringing us back to our true state of pure calm & Love.

Each session will run from 10.15am – 11.45am & can be booked individually as a single session or as a block of 3.

*UPDATE – as June is now fully booked, July and August can still be booked as single sessions or together as a block of 2*

*UPDATE – Only spaces available for August*

There will also be a small gift for you to take home at the end of each session.

*Chapter 1’s theme will be exploring 3 of the Chakras*

The Yoga flow, Tea & gift will all relate to the Chakra of that session.

Dates & extra details for Chapter 1:

June 9th 2019 


Anahata, Heart Chakra  – Love, relationships, balance, compassion, self- acceptance.

Balancing, heart opening asanas. The element of Air.

A fresh supportive tea, Love in a mug.


July 14th 2019


Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra – Vitality, purpose, spontaneity, self esteem.

Creative dynamic flow. The element of fire.

A flavoursome warming tea, boosting vitality.


August 11th 2019

Muladhara, Root Chakra – Stability, grounding, health, trust, presence.

Slow, strong and steady. The element of Earth.

A green, health promoting Tea blend.


£25 for a single session

£60 if you would like to book all 3 (a saving of £15)

Please select from the option below and when booking your place please leave a note of your name and email and I will be in touch with confirmation + venue details etc.

Booking is essential as a gift & mat space will be allocated for each person. Spaces are limited as I would like to keep this intimate.


Yoga, Tea, Peace.


For any questions please email me on

Looking forward to sharing a beautiful Sunday morning with you and creating a space for a community of souls who want to find a little inner peace.