Hi, my name is Laura (or Lamie) welcome to my little hub of life sharing and inspiration, I want to inspire you to be the best most authentic self you can be, by living the most beautiful life you can lead. From good eating, adventures & yoga, hopefully there will be something here to inspire you to live healthily & happily. We don’t need fancy cars and designer handbags, happiness starts within us, sometimes its hard to find, but I promise you, its there.

I haven’t always been this way I haven’t always been interested in yoga & healthy living (and bad days still exist) I spent a lot of years being very unsure of who I was and definitely not living presently at all, always worried about what would come next, where I should be, am I doing enough, what’s the point of all of this? & To be honest all I wanted was to simply feel more… Free. I once heard ‘It takes discipline to be a free spirit’ and it’s true. For me to feel free & to feel happy, I needed something grounding, something I could focus on, something for my mind to just simply take some time off.

I started going to Yoga, I was not naturally strong or flexible, so you can imagine I was not the ‘star pupil’ of the class, but somehow unlike any other ‘fitness’ I had tried, that didn’t matter and for the first time I wasn’t bothered about being the ‘best’ either… What was happening?! My life had been a life full of competition and strives and suddenly it was ok that I was where I was, it was ok that some days I felt great and some days I did not. It was nice to just be concerned with, well, right now. Yoga become something that was stable for me, even as the parties changed and the friends changed, it was there, supporting me, guiding me & then soon enough my life began to change too.

Fast forward a few years I escaped to the Costa Rican Jungle (read more about this in a blog post coming soon) & returned back to the UK a certified Yoga Teacher. Qualified in Vinyasa flow, with education on restorative & meditation, my yoga is a blend of fluid dream-like movements to get us out of our heads and into our bodies, with grounding, supporting endings to aid a deep relaxation, because I mean, we all need to relax more right?

We are all so worried about missing out, like we should be anywhere apart from where we are right now, its such a strange concept really because if you never stop, if you never look around, ground down and realise all that’s happening right now, if you never just slow down, well, you might just miss it all. Know that you are the trees, the birds, the laughter. You are the sunshine and the rain, the ocean and the jungle. You are this moment right now, breathing, smiling, moving, isn’t that just simply wonderful?

Its up to you to create the life you want to live. You have the power to enjoy every day, Today is your day and today is the most wonderful day.

Hopefully I’ll see you on the mat some time?

Love, Lamie.