My Journey Into Living More Minimally

Hello so I know I started this year with the intention of writing frequent blog posts lol… but hey… 4 months is an OK gap right? I am here now and I have lots of things I want to share and start the conversation about, with you!

So lots of things have been happening, travelling, moving house, becoming a Yoga Teacher! (woop woop) but one of the main things I’ve really been paying attention to lately is the way in which I am living my life, my day to day regular, beautiful life.

Enter Minimalism. Now to be honest I feel like I have been minimising my ‘things’ for a really long time… When I moved out of my parent’s house with Joe into our first flat I was like WOAH how did you have this much stuff in 1 bedroom? And then when we moved again this year to our new home, I was like ok, how was we making this work in that tiny flat?! Its insane what we gather up as humans and its also crazy how many things we all own that we NEVER use or NEVER wear but we look at them and are like, aww one day, placing it back for the next time we stumble across it to say the exact same thing, its quite Ludacris!

Now minimising your life is something that like most amazing journeys will not happen over night, you aren’t going to wake up throw out your whole wardrobe, throw your TV off the balcony and set fire to your car… or are you? * Phones the police * …I mean I was once someone who owned 60 pairs of shoes (I wish I was lying) an array of designer handbags, products that I didn’t even know what or why they were necessary to be using but probably bought because the packaging is just so ‘chic’ (embarrassingly true) I mean it was quite ridiculous, but funnily enough actually seen as ‘normal’ to everyone, I would spend all of my money, on stuff, more and more stuff – Now before I really get into this I just want to clarify I don’t now own 1 jumper, use 1 product for everything and eat every meal from the same bowl. However I have made huge changes and steps in my life to really reduce my consumption (yes there have been many bumps in the road… hey I’m human * holds hands up *) and it’s a continuous journey and I’m a long way away. (Currently tackling my denim collection – like how many jeans does one need?)

I think when we think of a ‘minimalist’ we instantly think of someone who only wears black, white or grey. Who lives in a completely white house, has one of those skinny clothing rails from Ikea and thinks the only other colour that should exist is green (for plants of course) – I think this is a HUGE (said in a New York accent) misconception. Minimalism is about not over consuming, just owning the things that we actually use, wear and love, thinking about what we are buying and why we are buying it, owning things that bring us joy and not just mindlessly consuming more and more and filling our homes with more and more, as this lifestyle just never ends, when will it be enough? & To be honest when we get down to the bare bones of it, it’s just bloody greedy.

When I look back, I was unhappy when I owned a lot of stuff (also probably for various other reasons in my life at that time too, but I was definitely filling a void!) & I still feel like I own too much stuff (its all a process!!) I was unhappy because I was too interested in what I projected on the outside, how I looked was more important than who I actually am, I wasn’t even sure of who exactly I was & I guess I’m still learning that too, but now with a lot less distractions… Now I’m not saying that everyone who owns loads of stuff feels this way, but maybe begin to ask yourself, like really ask yourself, why do you keep buying more things? What is its purpose? Do you actually need it? What’s wrong with the things you have? Do you even reaaaaally like, really want it?

I remember it used to be a thing about wearing the same outfit out again and again was like, “omg I literally can’t wear this again!” So ridiculous, What, do we buy clothes to wear them once and then hang them up for show? For whose show? You’ve seen them, so what are they for? Would you ever meet your friend and be like ‘omg Jessica, you wore that sweater last time we met’ – not only would you probably not notice, but you wouldn’t care, Jessica doesn’t become a better friend because she has the latest sweater on.

The more questions I asked myself the more silly it all started to feel, this constant buying and hoarding – With clothes in particular. However, I think I will have to do another separate post as there is a whole lot to say on clothing…which also made me stop and think, you know what, lets slow down here. However, there is a beautiful quote from the documentary ‘The Minimalists’ which I will share where he says ‘I don’t own a lot of clothes, but all of my clothes are my favourite clothes’ that’s such a beautiful way to look at your wardrobe, to love every item. A key thing I did & am still doing by minimising my clothes mountain is if I put something on and question it, decide I didn’t like how it looks and then take it off, I do not hang it back up, What is the point of repeating that same exercise every time I try it on, let it go! You know you don’t like it, otherwise you would wear it. Give it to a friend who you know will love it, or stick up on eBay and treat yourself to lunch.

So anyway, I’m on this journey, this journey to me feels perfectly matched alongside my yoga journey. It’s a time to take note about why I am doing things, what for, what actually feels good and what really matters, who do I want to be? When your surroundings are tidy and clear, so are you, you can see what you need and actually how little you need. When you can open your wardrobe and not spend an hour stressing over the options of what to wear, or rumbling through your makeup bag for the lipstick you always use as you push past the other 10 that you still have for no reason at all, those daily ‘calamities’ will disappear. Believe me, you don’t need it all.

Look, minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t still own nice things, in fact I encourage you to own nice things, nice things that you really love and thought about when you bought them. I still love my throw cushions and I still love my books, but that’s what I mean by the misconception of minimalism, if something makes you happy and brings you joy and it isn’t done in greed or ego, then they can and should still be part of your life (in a healthy way!) I love to settle onto my sofa and puff my cushions around me, FOR ME. I feel cosy and comfortable and at home, it’s a healthy relationship with a material item as I wouldn’t change if they were taken away from me (having said this, I own one collection of cushions which I had in the living room in my old flat and that I have again in my new home, if you really love something you will have them for as long as they last, you really do not need to buy cushion options, I know people that change their throw cushions consistently– I mean, really?) Owning an over spilling wardrobe wasn’t working, it is stressful and creates decision making that doesn’t need to be happening (not to mention the amount of damage it does to your well earned pay check) give your mind a break at 7am, plus it was mainly for me to look good to the outside world, to feel like something was going well in my life because I owned all of this cool stuff, yet inside I didn’t feel so cool. I still own clothes that I personally think are really nice, but I really love them, I’m comfortable in them, they keep me warm or cool, I want to wear them because I feel good not because I think someone else will think higher of me.

I want to spend my free time reading, writing, practising my asana, not shopping online for irrelevant things (maybe sometimes 😉 ). My home feels calm and clean and I have a sense of peace every time I return back here, I stress less about what I am wearing to the next event or where to find things I need to use at home. It’s nice to live with less, it feels good to simplify. I enjoy feeling more relaxed & yes, it does come with owning less… more stuff more problems.

I’m excited about where this journey will take me and as I strip back more and more what I will find underneath. Let me know if you are on a minimalist/simpler living journey or if you have been for a long time? Tips and thoughts welcome! – I will be doing many posts and stuff on this subject, so stay tuned! x

Also check out my major inspo – Madeleine Olivia on youtube, you will totally be like… LETS DO THIS.

Netflix documentaries – The Minimalists & True Cost.

See you in 4 months (just kidding… !)

Love, Lamie. x


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