Homemade Winter Body Lotion

Our skin is the largest organ on our body. Everything we subject it to, it absorbs. This makes the moisturiser we choose to slather over our bodies daily, so important.

A lot of store bought moisturisers are crammed with toxic ingredients, perfumes & lists that I for sure, can’t even pronounce, that over time are not going to do us any good. So I made the decision to no longer use these types of products on my skin. Bear in mind, there are a lot of brands who do use only natural ingredients which I will share over time (I use a fair few for my hair!) but I found it was more fun and cost effective to just make my own and then this way I can just take out or add in what I want depending on what my skin needs!

Usually during the spring/summer I just pick an oil of the month (see what I’m feeling like haha) and use that as a moisturiser but during the colder months I like something a lot more nourishing and thick to really keep my skin well fed and ready for summer, I have played around a little but this combination has stuck for a while & I like it, does the job!

My homemade winter skin lotion contains the following ingredients:

Organic raw shea butter –

The main ingredient.

Benefits of Shea Butter: Known as a healer. I find Shea butter smoothens out the overall appearance of my skin. It is incredibly nourishing and the perfect remedy to combat dry/damaged skin. I occasionally get eczema in the crease of my elbow (had it a little as a kid) and Shea butter stops that bad boy in its tracks. People often say that it helps with their stretch marks too – I’m not sure I can vouch for this though as I still have mine 🙂 Its a thick consistency and stays solid when colder, but will melts into your skin like butter (clues in the name) when it is exposed to body temperature.

Organic coconut Oil –

Benefits of coconut oil: Everybody’s favourite! I love coconut oil; I use it to cook, in my hair on my skin, everywhere! It is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. I also occasionally use coconut oil to cleanse my face if my cleanser has run out but I do not use it as a face lotion as it is very high on the comedogenic scale so just totally clogs my pores! But in the springtime I often use this as my body moisturiser without anything else and I love it, however in the winter I just top up its power with the other guys.

Organic Hemp Oil – 

My favourite.

Benefits of Hemp Oil: This oil is super rich in protein with a high content of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. It helps counteract aging skin, is an anti-inflammatory (so amazing for calming any sensitive areas) and it is perfect for generally dehydrated skin, I often use this to moisturise as a single ingredient as well.

  • My face also likes this oil as it is very low on the comedogenic scale scoring 0 (the scale goes from 1-5 and it basically just means how likely something is to block your pores)

As I try to keep what I put on my skin as “clean” as possible I only use organic ingredients. I buy all of my ingredients from eBay shops or health stores. They are super accessible and quite inexpensive considering the quality and how much you can make!

A lot of people can’t stand the smell of Shea butter so you can also add a 4th ingredient of your favourite essential oil if desired. It doesn’t bother me so I just leave it as is.

I usually make a batch that fills about a third of a 500ml mason jar, I always have mason jars around as I save them all after things have run out. I don’t have exact measurements of what I use of each and to be honest it doesn’t matter too much, if I want it more solid and body bar like I will use more shea butter (this is the main ingredient anyway so you will always have a lot of this) if I want it to be more oily then I will up the Hemp oil. I tend to keep the coconut oil the same.

So my “rough” measurements are as follows.

A small bowl of shea butter (like the photo) 2-4 table spoons of hemp oil and two tablespoons of coconut oil. One you have all of your ingredients pop them in a pan and heat them on a low heat until everything is melted and mixed together into one oily mixture, Then pour into your mason jar and pop in the fridge to set. By the morning this will be solid and ready for you to use! Simple as that!

If you try it out let me know how you get on – However I have to mention that what works for some may not work for others and this is just a personal concoction of natural ingredients that work for me if you choose to make & use this it will be at your own decision.

If you ever have any questions about anything you can also email me or message me on Instagram, I love talking to you all! – I am always modifying the things I use and having a play around, good to keep your skin guessing ha (I joke, but when it comes to my face it actually helps if I switch it up now and then!)

Lets enjoy the journey to living a more simple, natural life. It feels good & it does good.

Love, Lamie.


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  1. Rich Arts
    January 17, 2018 / 11:48 am

    My girlfriend and I are used to using shea butter and coconut oil as the main ingredients also, but we’ve never tried Hemp Oil!
    And we’ve tried plenty of different kinds of oils. 😅😂
    Definitely gonna give Hemp Oil a try now also!

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