Get Grounded – Earthing

Now I’m aware this may be much easier to achieve during the summer months and perhaps the thought of putting your feet on cold/wet earth doesn’t excite you so much, but I figured since we are at the start of another beautiful year of life that perhaps I can sell it to you enough for you to set it as an intention, to do more of this year, perhaps.

So what even is ‘Earthing/grounding’ ? A load of mumbo jumbo? Or natural genius?

Just as the sun gives us warmth and vitamin D, the earth, of course, obviously gives us food and water, but it also gives us an eternal natural energy.

To put it simply, when we make direct contact with the surface of the earth our bodies receive a charge of energy, that essentially, makes us feel better. If you look back in time, people were always naturally absorbing the earths’ energy, they spent a LOT more time outside than our current generation do, they also wore natural shoes (where electrons can travel through) and not our rubber/plastic based footwear that is now popular and for a long time slept directly on the ground. Now, we rush from home, to the train, to work, back home, to bed, all whilst keeping our feet nestled in a cosy pair of shoes that have no connection to the earth beneath us. Some of us go days or even months without even touching the earth!

Walking barefoot directly on the earth, be it grass, dirt, along a sandy beach is essential for our health (think about how amazing you feel on holiday! Likely you are barefoot outside a huge % of the time) it has been proven to have an entire calming effect over the body and promote overall well-being, reduce inflammation, give a better nights sleep and the no.1 thing – reduce stress!

I try to walk on the Earth barefoot as often as possible, even when its cold and wet (when its wet you will get better conductivity anyway, so take your shoes off and just be!) Personally, I feel so much more connected and happy when I spend time barefoot, just in general. Perhaps it’s the energy?! But It feels right and it feels natural and I feel so much closer and connected to our planet. We all need to learn to live more in sync with the Earth instead of fighting against it.

All sound like nonsense? The wonderful thing about the age we live in is that all the information is out there… all ready and waiting for us to live a more beautiful life! I will share a few spots that I enjoyed reading/have good stuff so you can do your own research and make up your own mind or just go outside and feel it…

Here you’ll be able to read papers on studies done on Earthing/Grounding

Here I just like how simple they have laid out the benefits and facts.

I’ve added an amazing documentary at the bottom of this post, which is so interesting, its only 15 minutes long & totally worth it & also a film called ‘The grounded’ this is an hour, but still cool (both found via – I do not own any of their products (yet, who knows?) but the Earth is out there and it is freee) There is also a book mentioned a lot called – ‘Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?” By Clinton Sober, which I haven’t read (all my knowledge is from the internet and life experience) But I plan to purchase this and give it a go, so I will let you all know how it is!

On top of all this I just thought id mention– love your feet, they are the only pair you have and they carry you around everywhere! One of the most beneficial things I did in life is stop wearing ‘bad shoes’ (this can vary person to person) Shoes that hurt, shoes that don’t fit properly etc. and not only have I learnt to love and appreciate my little travel friends but my balance most definitely improved – Perhaps this is something we can discuss another time. But for now…

Get Earthing!

P.s Im aware my feet have stripes in the featured image… wrong choice of socks…


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